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Influence: Misfits,Black Flag, Type O Negative, Alkaline Trio


released January 14, 2018

All songs were written by The Night.
Recorded by Yuriy Zabelin at LETA studio, Odesa, Ukraine.
Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studio, Western Mass, USA


all rights reserved



THE NIGHT Odesa, Ukraine

138% hardcore punk from Odesa and Kyiv City


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Track Name: Absolute Power
I'll be honest with you - you're not a human
I know it's sad, but it's true - so listen closer
You need to open your eyes
At phantom menace, to the hidden menace
There is a war for your mind and for common sense
Absolute power
I'll be honest with you their goal is clear
Temptations and apathy the world of fear
It doesn't matter to you, if you surrender
They're feeding you on the lure,
Hail to the offender
Absolute power
Track Name: Subhuman
I wanna smash your face your time is over
You are scum, you don't care at all
You have no honor
That selfish bastard who is always bored
For your sick actions, you'll pay
It's not over yet the hate in my soul
I cannot control I wanna smash your face
This is the end for you all the things you do
Are awful through and through
There's a shadow in your eye of every single man that ever wanted nothing more than comfort, lust, eternal glory
The hate in my soul I cannot control
In your heart you know
In your heart you know
Deep in your heart you know you are fuckin' gone
Track Name: Pyramid
I was struck by lightning
It revealed to me ancient cults
And their secrets obscure entity
Knowledge of world supremacy and conspiracy
And what is hidden I am able to see
Light light light up inside
Light light illuminate
All mysterious wisdom is in one single place
every road leads me there and I'm willing to go
The connection of our world and the space
is contained in the desert where scorching wind blows
Rise I must rise
Reavel your secrets and let me rise
Track Name: Night On Earth
Night is falling on Earth and don't look around
Hear the howling sound whoo oo
Ugly monstere were hiding deep inside
Be ready to fight till the end
Night on Earth
You must be strong and daring so no one can get close
You are the last man standing amongst the fallen souls
Night on Earth
Night is falling on Earth get ready my friend
Nothing good awaits you
Don't expect many people to be on your side
Be ready to fight till the end
Track Name: War With The World
I feel only fear inside me
Fear of being like all of you
Being weak, living just for profit
I don't wanna lose my soul
I am here and I am fighting
I was left alone
I'll always be against this world
I wanna set it on fire
I want it to burn
I'll always be against this world
War with the world
Destroy this world
Track Name: Love In Sunnydale (A song for May)
I met you at midnight and you were alone
I couldn't stop looking until you were gone
My heart is beating faster I feel so alive
I wanted text you but felt like a child
Just want to talk with you but felt like a child
When I think of you I am out of breath
All the feelings inside me I cannot express
But what can I do to make you be mine
I cannot rest I am burning from the inside
You can take my heart
you can take my soul
I am falling apart
I am fatally yours

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